"I want to create spaces that make people wonder, unfold and feel at home. All with a touch of art and seen from a user perspective."
I am Youp van der Weijde. I design in the field of industrial design, urban interventions and architecture. Working in these fields makes me create interaction between humans and between humans and their surroundings. With this knowledge my goal is to design and produce meaningful locations. Locations with a touch of art and an interaction with the user. I am inspired by Oki Sato, Francine Houben, Daniel Arsham and Olafur Eliassion. Mixing their ideas together creates the perfect mindset for me to change any space. 
On this website you can find some of my designs and information about me. The      "I am" page shows who I am as a person and my curriculum vitae. The "Projects" page presents some of my works and the processes behind them. Lastly on the "Craftsmanship" page you can find some of my crafts which varies from products and chocolate to art.

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