This ball is a wooden stress ball that reduces mental and physical stress. The reason for this project can be found at projects. The stress ball is made of wood with steel pins. The wood is cut by a laser and after finished by hand. The steel pins are placed in by hand. The pins are placed in one at a time and glued on the bottom. The drip of glue prevents the pin from falling out. The pins are shorter on the outside, otherwise they would touch each other. After placing all the pins the wooden parts art glued together. After the ball is again finished by hand.
After making the concept the ball is made with a lot of trial and error. Lots of models are made to test every aspect of the ball. Different sorts of pins are used, different sizes of the ball and also different colors. All to get the right feeling in all the senses. A fluent movement of the pins. A nice look and a pleasant feeling.
Below a photo series is shown which shows in chronological order the process. 
hand drawing, illustrator file, lasercut wood pieces
hand drawing, illustrator file, lasercut wood pieces

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